Student Development

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Campus Safety

Kalamazoo College operates its own non‐deputized security program. Campus Safety personnel therefore have no arrest powers. Campus Safety personnel, under the direction of Timothy Young, Director of Campus Safety, regularly patrol the campus 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Campus Safety will respond to all requests for service and attend to situations around the campus that affect the security of residents and visitors. The College administration has increased exterior lighting, added outdoor emergency phones and trimmed shrubbery to make our environment safer. Although these improvements, and the presence of security patrols, greatly increase campus security, safety must always be of personal concern to members of the College community.

The Campus Safety department requests that criminal acts and unusual or suspicious activity that occurs on college property be reported immediately (269.337.7321). The department has established a close working relationship with the local public safety department. Campus Safety conducts most of the preliminary investigations on nonviolent type criminal offenses. These criminal offenses are forwarded to the local public safety department for further action. The College has no off‐campus housing or student organizations to monitor. The College Judicial Council or the Improper Sexual Conduct Panel acts on violations of College policy and may also take action on a criminal offense (see Student Conduct Code). Campus Safety will request immediate response from the public safety department on crimes in progress, crimes against a person and medical emergencies.

Emergency response requests to college campus can be accomplished by contacting Campus Safety (269.337.7321) or the Kalamazoo Public Safety Department (9‐911).

Visit the Campus Safety website for more information on campus emergency procedures.

Student Development Policies

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