Student Evaluation of Teaching

Administering Evaluations Notes

The faculty approved the following for administering evaluations in courses in 2013‐14:

  • Faculty will distribute course evaluations to students at a meeting of the course during the tenth week of the quarter. Evaluations should not be distributed, however, at class meeting in which an examination, quiz, or other kind of test is being given.
  • Evaluations should be distributed at the end of class time, allowing a minimum of 15 minutes for completion.
  • Staff in the Provost’s Office will compute a count of forms returned and average for the two principal evaluative questions.
  • The forms and a copy of the statistical summaries will be sent to faculty after the deadline for the submission of grades has passed.

Note: Faculty should not provide snacks or treats on the day of course evaluations.

Administering Evaluations Process

The FEC requests that all faculty read the following to their classes before distributing the evaluation forms.

“These evaluations are the primary source of guidance for improving the entire academic endeavor for both students and faculty at Kalamazoo College. Please take a few minutes to address specific aspects of your course experience as prompted on the evaluation form. The information you submit will be used for course revision and evaluation of faculty. A Student volunteer will take the completed evaluation forms to the Registrar’s Office and they will remain sealed until after final grades are assigned. Scores will then be compiled by the Provost’s Office and evaluations read by administrators, a faculty committee, and by your instructor.”

Procedure for Administering Student Evaluations

  • Students receive information, a link, and a reminder to complete evaluations through their Kalamazoo College email.
  • Students have a window of time at the end of the quarter to complete the evaluations.
  • Faculty can increase the response rate by reminding students in class, explaining how the faculty member and/or department benefits from this feedback, and even setting aside class time during the final week for students to complete the form on their device.

A sample follows on the next page.