Ordering Textbooks/Course Packs

All textbooks, supplemental materials, and supplies for classroom use are to be ordered through the College Bookstore.  The Bookstore utilizes an online textbook adoption system called Verba Collect to obtain course materials from instructors.  I begin collecting course materials through this system about three weeks before registration begins for the next quarter, you will receive an email message when the system is ready for you to enter your materials.

The Bookstore does not order desk copies for faculty.  If you need a desk copy, I suggest that you check with your department coordinator, they should be able to obtain one for you.  Most publishers will provide faculty members with a free copy if the book has been adopted for classroom work.  Please call if you need assistance with any publisher information.  The Bookstore does allow faculty to purchase books and then return them when they receive their desk copy.  If a new copy is purchased it must be returned in mint condition.

If you plan on using a coursepack for your class that information should be entered into the online system so that I know to reserve space on the shelf.  If the material in the coursepack is not yours then copyright permission will be required before the pack can be printed.  The company we use for coursepacks is Mycoursepack.com and you can contact them at 269-387-0825 or mycoursepack@gmail.com. They will work with you, get permission to print the material, and then sell the coursepacks to the Bookstore to be sold to the students.  If the material in the coursepack is yours and copyright permission is not needed then you can contact the college’s Mail and Copy Center for printing.  They will print the coursepack to your specifications and then the Bookstore will sell them.

Please feel free to contact Debbie Thompson, Bookstore Director, at 337-7318 or at debbie.thompson@kzoo.edu if you ever have any course materials questions or issues.