Athletics Advisory Committee (AAC)

Responsibilities of Faculty on Athletics Advisory Committee

Faculty on Athletics Advisory Committee monitor, communicate, and provide advice on issues related to athletics and advocate for the entire College community (Faculty, Students, and the Physical Education Department) on issues related to athletics. In addition, faculty representatives on AAC assist in upholding policies and procedures of MIAA and NCAA as set forth in the College catalogues and other college documents. Possible tasks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Advocate for concerns of athletes to the Faculty, the Student Government, and the Administration.
  2. Bring concerns of the Faculty, Student Government, and the Administrative to the Physical Education Department.
  3. Help coordinate roles and duties of FAR (Faculty Athletic Representative), SAR (Student Athletic Representative), and AAR (Administrative Athletic
    Representative) to the MIAA and NCAA. These roles and duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Liaison with the MIAA NCAA Compliance Officer; understand regulations necessary for the college and duties of the office,
    • Attend MIAA meetings in fall and spring. MIAA rules require FAR representatives to attend MIAA meetings on behalf of the college. Meetings are typically scheduled on a Tuesday in weeks 7-10 and require a full day of attendance,
    • Remind the Faculty Executive Committee that continuity of appointments to the Athletics Committee is critical because effective service at the MIAA and NCAA requires knowledge of rules and regulations of the two organizations,
    • Coordinate the application process for NCAA graduate school scholarships.
  4. Serve in an advisory role to the Physical Education Department in matters and decisions that affect the College community as a whole.

Composition of Athletics Advisory Committee

Two (2) faculty will be appointed as Faculty Athletic Representatives (FARs) and for service on AAC by FEC. There should be at least one returning faculty member, and one faculty member of the AAC must be female. In addition, FEC recommends that two to three students (one of whom must be female) also serve on AAC. The Director of Athletics will chair AAC.