Lucasse Awards

Florence J. Lucasse Fellows: Cumulative List

The Florence J. Lucasse Lectureship and Fellowship at Kalamazoo College were established in 1979. The awards were created to honor Florence J. Lucasse, alumna of Kalamazoo College Class of 1910, in recognition of her long and distinguished career and in response to the major unrestricted endowment gift given to the college in her will.

Definition of Awards

The Florence J. Lucasse Lectureship is awarded to a member of the Kalamazoo College faculty in recognition of outstanding classroom teaching.

The Florence J. Lucasse Fellowship is awarded to a member of the Kalamazoo College faculty in recognition of outstanding achievement in creative work, research or publication.

Award Winners

DateLectureship for Excellence in Outstanding Classroom TeachingFellowship for Excellence in Outstanding achievement in Creative work, Research or Publication
1979-80Marcelle DaleConrad Hilberry
1980-81 John B. Spencer Marcia Wood
1981-82 John B. Wickstrom Lawrence R. Smith
1982-83 Richard Stavig Wayne Wright
1983-84 Edward Moritz Bernard Palchick
1984-85T. Jefferson Smith David Barclay
1985-86 George Acker Philip Thomas
1986-87 Billie Fischer Richard Cook
1987-88 Waldemar Schmeichel Not Awarded
1988-89 Henry Cohen Franklin Presler
1989-90 Gail B. Griffin * Thomas J. Smith
1990-91 Marigene Arnold * Ralph Deal
1991-92 Donald C. Flesche * David Strauss
1992-93 Kathleen White Smith Barry Ross
1993-94 Ellen M. Caldwell Gary J. Dorrien
1994-95 Carolyn R. Newton Not Awarded
1995-96 David A. Collins Jan Tobochnik
1996-97 Ahmed M. Hussen Not Awarded
1997-98 Paul Sotherland R. Amy Elman
1998-99 David Evans Gail Griffin
1999-2000 Janet L. Solberg Ed Menta
2000-01 Not Awarded Thomas Askew
2001-02 Madeline Chu Thomas Rice
2002-03 Diane Seuss
2003-04 Anne E. Haeckl
2004-05 Robert Grossman
2005-06 Bruce Mills
2006-07 Robert Stauffer
2007-08 Gary Gregg
2008-09 Rose Bundy
2009-10 Christopher Latiolais
2010-11 Andrew Mozina
2011-12 Siu-Lan Tan
2012-13 Carol Anderson
2013-14 John Fink
2014-15 Kiran Cunningham
2015-16 Regina Stevens-Truss
2016-17 Diane Seuss
2017-18Chuck Stull
2018-19Peter Erdi
2019-20Jeff Bartz
2020-21James E. Lewis
2021-22Anne Haeckl
* Additional support from Sears-Roebuck Foundation

The Faculty Development page has more information about the award and the nomination process.