III. Position Description and Announcements

  1. A department should develop a specific position description, taking into account considerations raised by the Provost, the EPC, and other parties involved. The position description should clearly identify departmental needs, as well as wider College needs. The description should be submitted to the Provost for approval. Shaping of the position description may be one important way of inviting a more diverse set of applicants and ultimately hiring a faculty member who may contribute to the diversity of the faculty.
  1. The position description should include the following:
    • title of the position;
    • succinct definition of duties and responsibilities;
    • required qualifications;
    • other desirable qualifications;
    • nature of the position and starting date;
    • application procedures, including name and address of Search Chair;
    • date by which completed applications should be received.

      Unless specific publications require otherwise, the College requires consistent wording for application procedures, deadlines, equal opportunity employment (EOE) statement, and description of the College. To avoid misunderstanding and possible legal difficulties, it is especially important not to deviate from the deadline and EOE statements without approval from the Provost. See the position description and sample at the end of this document.

      To help obtain the broadest possible pool, the description of the subfield desired should be as open as possible. This, as well as the identification of particular subfields within a discipline, may also help obtain a more diverse pool. Usually the best faculty members are those with broad interests and a strong interest in teaching and scholarship in a liberal arts environment.

      Additionally, the position description should invite candidates to share their experiences of and desire to work with a diverse group of students and developing curriculum or using pedagogy that engages diverse students and fosters their success. Sample language is provided in the position description and sample at the end of this document.

3. As a general rule, salary discussions with applicants should be referred to the Provost. Any published information about salaries or compensation must use consistent wording.  Again, see the sample position description.  In oral communication with potential applicants, applicants, and others, only the Search Committee Chair, with prior approval of the Provost, may provide more specific information. 

  1. Position descriptions or other notices circulated in advance of formal approval of position openings must contain clear indication of their provisional nature: e.g., “Anticipated position” or “Position is dependent upon formal approval.” All such communications require the Provost’s prior approval.
  1. Unless deviations are approved by the Provost at the request of the Search Committee Chair, completed applications consist of:
    • a cover letter;
    • a curriculum vitae, with a description of scholarly interests;
    • undergraduate and graduate transcripts (unofficial copies acceptable);
    • three letters of reference;
    • a detailed statement of teaching philosophy and goals;
    • a statement on experience working with underrepresented students and engaging issues of diversity and inclusion in the curriculum and pedagogical approaches.
  1. Normally for tenure track searches a web page is developed which allows automatic submission of applications. Upon request through the Provost’s Office, a portal Team Site is established by the College’s Director of Web Services to organize the applications and allow access to search committee members and the Provost.