B.8 Benefits During Leaves of Absence

Except as provided above, benefits such as retirement, health insurance, life insurance, etc. will continue in force with College contributions as long as an employee is on a paid leave of absence. For unpaid leaves other than those covered above, or in excess of those covered above, fringe benefits paid by the College shall be suspended unless agreed to in writing prior to the start of the leave. COBRA continuation of health insurance at the employee’s own cost will be offered where required by law.

Eligible employees who have completed the period of orientation will have health insurance and life insurance provided by the College during an approved disability leave:

  • for a period not to exceed the end of the sixth month following the start of the disability leave, or
  • until such disability leave is cancelled by return to work, resignation, retirement, or the death of the employee, whichever condition occurs first.

Please note that where insurance or other employee benefit plans are concerned, the terms of the insurance policy or plan will prevail regardless of any statements contained here.