B.2 Notice, Duration, and Certification

When the need for leave is foreseeable, employees are expected to provide 30 days advance notice. When not foreseeable, employees are required to provide notice of the need for leave as soon as practicable. Failure to provide appropriate notice may result in the denial of leave.

The College will require medical certification to support a request for a leave because of a serious health condition and may require recertifications as well as a fitness for duty report to return to work. Medical leaves beyond 12 weeks for an employee’s serious health condition may require verification by an MD/DO selected by the College. The medical certification must include the first anticipated date of absence from service to the College and the expected date of return. A fitness for duty report may be required to return to work.

When leave is required for a serious health condition, employees will normally be given 15 calendar days to obtain the necessary medical certifications to support the leave. Employees will be required, unless the College waives the requirement, to recertify the need for the leave at least every 30 days and report in on a periodic basis no less often than every two weeks with respect to their progress, the progress of their parent, spouse, or child, and their anticipated date for return to work.