A.3 Other Staff Benefits

Depending upon employee hire date, children of eligible, full-time employees may receive financial assistance for attendance at Kalamazoo College. Financial assistance for attendance at other institutions of higher education may also be available. Contact the Human Resources Office for details related to eligibility and to specific procedures for application to participate in this program.

Kalamazoo College employees may use such campus facilities as the Anderson Athletic Center, pool, tennis courts, and library. Attendance at fine arts, community reflection, and athletic events is encouraged by the College for its employees. Contact the office of the area in question for more specific information.

The College offers a faculty/staff wellness program which includes the Wellness Room, classes and workshops, family activities, confidential health assessments and one-on-one consultations and coaching. Please see the Fitness Wellness Center website for details.

Each employee will be provided with an identification card. This card may provide access to certain buildings, entitles the employee to participate in certain events on campus at reduced cost for admission, and provides access to the resources of the College library. It is College property issued for personal use only; use may not be delegated to any other individual. The card must be returned to the Human Resources Office at the time the employee leaves the College. Lost or misplaced cards should be reported at once to the Campus Safety Office.