Experiential Education Committee (EEC)

Responsibilities of Faculty on Experiential Education Committee

Faculty (and administrators) on Experiential Education Committee (EEC) shall generally promote experiential education at Kalamazoo College and, more specifically, (1) help inform the faculty of the relationship between experiential education and academic programs; (2) examine, encourage and support integration of experiential education into the general academic program; and (3) foster faculty outreach to communities beyond the Campus. To these ends, members of EEC will endeavor to accomplish the following:

  1. Review and make recommendations related to the College’s on- and off-campus,
    domestic and international experiential programs with regard to the:
    • Availability of off-campus programs to students, including any changes in
      the following:
      • Overall and program-specific enrollment caps,
      • Overall and program-specific financial aid availability,
      • Existence of actual programs or program sites.
    • Administrative and evaluative role of faculty in off-campus programs.
    • On-going operation of the programs, initiatives, and projects managed by the Arcus Center for Social Justice (ACSJL), Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD), Center for International Programs (CIP), and Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service Learning (MJUSISL).
  2. Assist the ACSJL, CCPD, CIP, and MJUSISL with program reviews and other assessment activities.
  3. Provide faculty input on faculty grant applications and student petitions for onetime-only program participation.
  4. Bring to the faculty regular reports and items or proposals that require faculty action.
  5. Annually review and update experiential education sections of the College catalogue to reflect faculty and committee decisions during the previous year.

Composition of Experiential Education Committee

Five (5) faculty will be appointed for service on EEC by FEC. In addition, FEC recommends that the Director of the CIP, the Director of the CCPD, the Director of the
MJUSISL, and the Academic Director of the ACSJL serve (ex officio) on EEC. FEC also recommends that, when possible, two students – selected by the Student Commission – serve on EEC.