Admissions and Retention Committee (ARC)

Responsibilities of Faculty on Admissions and Retention Committee

Faculty (and administrators) on the Admissions and Retention Committee (ARC) shall review policies and procedures of the College that relate to the admission and retention of students. Members of ARC will endeavor to accomplish the following:

  1. Gather, analyze, and disseminate information regarding admissions and retention on a quarterly basis
  2. Consult and make recommendations on admissions criteria and retention strategies
  3. Encourage faculty participation in admissions events and provide feedback on how to make faculty involvement more effective
  4. Monitor national and regional student demographics trends

Composition of Admission and Financial Aid Committee

A minimum of four (4) faculty will be appointed for service on ARC by FEC. Composition of the committee should reflect divisional representation. In addition, FEC recommends that the Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid and the Dean of Financial Aid serve (ex officio) on ARC.