Acronyms Commonly Used at Kalamazoo College

ACSJL Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership
ASC Academic Standards Committee (students go to petition for wavers re: credits, deadlines, etc.)
CCECenter for Community Engagement
CCPD Center for Career and Professional Development
CEE Committee on Experiential Education
CESCivic Engagement Scholar
CESCritical Ethnic Studies
CIP Center for International Programs
DOGL Day of Gracious Living
DOM Declaration of Majors Day
DSA Departmental Student Advisor
EPC Educational Policies Committee (reviews all new course proposals)
EQA Educational Quality Assessment
FAC MAN Facilities Management
FDC Faculty Development Committee
FEC Faculty Executive Committee (faculty/administration liaison; K’s version of a ‘faculty senate’)
FIPSE Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education
FPC Faculty Personnel Committee (review, tenure and promotion)
FYE First‐Year Experience
FYS First‐Year Seminar
GLCA Great Lakes Colleges Association
HIP High Impact Practices (Service‐Learning, Internships, Study abroad, etc.)
HLC Higher Learning Commission (accredits Colleges and Universities)
ICRP Integrative Cultural Research Project
IRB Institutional Review Board
KCCSRKalamazoo College Council of Student Representatives (student government)
OSI Office of Student Involvement
P&B Planning and Budget (faculty committee)
RA Resident Assistant
SCR Summer Common Reading
SIP Senior Individualized Project (all students are required to complete one in order to graduate)
S‐L Service‐Learning
SPP Shared Passages Program (First Year, Sophomore Seminars; and Senior Capstone)
StuCommStudent Commission (student government)
StuDevStudent Development
ULC Upjohn Library Commons